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Industries we cover


Utilizing Our Flexibility.


PCS Crane Services offers a variety of lifting equipment in the rapidly changing and complex sectors such as Power, Water and Transport.

By concentrating on particular parts of this energy chain, these purpose built cranes improve performance and operational effectiveness..

Utility cranes are designed for:

  • Heavy lifting capacities
  • Weather protection
  • Accurate and smooth operations
  • Cost effective power consumption

Utility crane requirements:

  • Inverter controls
  • IP 66 and Stainless Steel accessories
  • Low maintenance

These superb PCS cranes are often highly customized with a range of electronic, electrical and mechanical controls to suit client specific requirements, designed for particular projects.


Showing our Mettle.


PCS Crane Services provides solutions adapted to our clients’ exact requirements.

Our heavy duty steel cranes are built from components manufactured specifically for this arduous and demanding environment.

The steel industry’s cranes are designed for:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High travel speeds and Heavy Duty Cycles
  • Continuous operations.

Steel industry crane requirements:

  • Coil handling
  • Dual hoisting
  • Versatility

PCS Crane Services has developed the technology the industry needs for its most rigorous performance requirements being; automation, frequent operating cycles, high speeds and difficult environments.

We put emphasis on; safety, reliability, easy maintenance, high rate of availability, smooth controls and many other optional features.


Lifting Mining Operations.


At PCS Crane Services we pride ourselves on supporting the mining industry with advanced crane technology and world class maintenance systems.

The mining industry’s equipment maintenance cranes are designed for:

  • Heavy duty cycles
  • Highly corrosive operating environments
  • Abnormal lifting

Mining industry crane requirements:

  • Heavy duty cycles
  • Highly corrosive operating environments
  • Abnormal lifting

PCS Crane Services’ design and manufacturing departments are familiar with large cranes, especially in the hostile mining environment. These cranes are developed for servicing heavy duty mining equipment.

With superior performance, safety and space saving designs for loads up to 160t, there is a hoist for every application.


Lifting Repairs and Refurbishments to a New Level.


PCS Crane Services offers customized maintenance programmes for your crane operations. This monitors and minimizes equipment failure.

We schedule:

  • Statutory inspection as per OHS Act
  • Maintenance work
  • Load testing

PCS Crane Services manages computer controlled systems to highlight appropriate service intervals for specific equipment and to provide information in the case of a breakdown. We offer convenient planning schedules which allows us to inform our clients when their cranes are due for proactive maintenance.

The database records all proactive and all reactive maintenance on an ongoing basis and is categorized as follows:

  • Breakdowns
  • Load testing Servicing
  • Repairs from service

Various reports can be created from this information and emailed to the client, pinpointing areas where unnecessary spending occurs due to operator error or the unit has reached the end of its economical life cycle allowing for more accurate budgeting.

With superior performance, safety and space saving designs for loads up to 160t, there is a hoist for every application.

Upgrade and modernization

From a small modification such as the installation of a push button remote or joystick remote control, to a complete refurbishment. PCS Crane Services can restore your out dated poor performance crane to that of a crane with all the latest systems thereby providing you with reliability and lower running costs.


explosion protected


PCS Crane Services is known as a leading manufacturer and distributor of crane products and solutions for cranes used in hazardous environments such as the petrochemical industry.

We contribute to the oil and gas industry by means of:

  • EX equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Engineered solutions
  • Individual design

PCS Crane Services has vast experience in providing cost-effective, long-term solutions for refineries, oil rigs and chemical plants.

We pride ourselves on making their operations a success

Our products are tested to industry and governmental standards such as ATEX, CE and IEC EX.

PCS Crane Services is known to provide a variety of performance-enhancing solutions in the petrochemical industry that revolves around:

  • Zone / classified remotes
  • Explosion and spark proof options in wire rope and chain hoists
  • Insulated bottom blocks
  • Offshore and land-based products

Because of the rapid growth of the petrochemical, oil, chemical and energy source industries, we maintain a strict regimen of training on all types of lifting equipment.


Designed for the high seas


PCS Crane Services provides offshore Davit Crane solutions adapted to our clients’ exact requirements.

Approved for use with all major turbine manufacturers and foundation designs (Transition piece & Jacket)

Crane design from Global leading Offshore Turbine foundation Crane Manufacturer (over 1000 units in operation)

These offshore cranes are designed for:

  • Heavy lifting: up to 2,000kg's
  • High Waves: up to 2m
  • Lifting Heights: up to 40m

Offshore crane requirements:

  • High corrosion tolerance
  • Ease of serviceability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Maximum safety

PCS Crane Services Offshore Davit Crane uses no hydraulics, this reduces maintenance costs by approximately 60% and significantly reduces the potential environmental impacts of hydraulic system venting or failure.

All serviceable items are maintainable from deck or access step level.

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We take safety seriously and adhere to the strictest industry requlations